The Voice of a Woman

Welcome to Swara and I'm so glad you're here!

Swara, a Sanskrit word that means a musical tone, or a sound, or A VOICE.

I started Swara with a vision to inspire women to create a life full of beauty. For some, that can be in their physical appearance. For others, it can be found in the quality of their relationships. For the career-oriented ones, it could be in taking positions of leadership in the workplace. And if you're like a feminist like me, a life of beauty can be in questioning misogynistic systems that have long been venerated by society in the name of culture and tradition.

At Swara, you will find a collection of articles that are meant to provoke thought and inspire action. And also, have a little bit of fun!

Sohini Mohan Kapoor

All about Sohini

Hmm, so you want to know me?

  • I started this blog as an expecting mother, and I want my baby girl to know how much power and positive impact women can have in this world, while also having fun!
  • I am what some would call a typical nerd - I enjoy numbers and words. So, it made sense for me to be a data scientist by day, and a blogger by night.
  • Passion runs deep in my blood - whether it's for a cause I care about, like education or animal welfare, or for the simpler pleasures of life, like my love for my parents, family and friends.
  • If I had to think of my spirit animal, I'd call myself a lioness - courageous, protective, and fiercely loyal to my pride.
  • During my days off, I enjoy traveling to new places, reading a book, or enjoying a good scotch with my family.